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Eudaimonia Group is a financial resources firm that provides human expertise and robust technology to support holistic wealth managers who serve their clients with respect, excellence, and successful outcomes. We call our process Lifevesting®.

Why We Do This

We believe financial advisers who care about their clients deserve to partner with a firm transparently structured so that both can flourish. We established Eudaimonia Group with that singular mission: to create true opportunity for financial advisers and their clients to have better lives and thrive. 

Why We're Better

Our structure guarantees independence for financial advisers.

  • No up-front fees to become a Eudaimonia Group financial adviser partner.

  • Superior compensation and favorable agreements for financial advisers that transform them into genuine business owners.

  • A culture that prizes our relationship with each financial adviser and supports direct relationships with their clients to promote mutual trust and best outcomes for all.

  • Transparency in our relationship with each financial adviser.

  • No lock-ins. Your clients and businesses are yours.

Why We Want You

Achieving our mission and living our values depend on partnering with a select cohort of financial professionals that share our vision and values.

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