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Eudaimonia (U•da•mōn•ēya): a contented state of health, happiness and prosperity.


Eudaimonia Group exists for one purpose: to enrich the lives of those we touch by creating true opportunity for Registered Investment Advisers and their clients to enjoy better lives and thrive.

We came together in 2016 as partners in Nashville, Tennessee, driven to pursue a better way to serve advisers as a result of our own experiences that lacked opportunity, independence, transparency and support working under traditional players in the financial services industry.

Since our inception, we have grown in assets, advisers and influence. One unwavering, deeply held belief has been constant throughout this journey - ours is a way where all involved have the opportunity to be the best for themselves, their families, their communities and their clients.

Our Principles

We aspire to create a work experience where people can be fully alive.

We care deeply about advisers.

We support the fiduciary duty and the adviser-client relationship.

We practice a holistic, collaborative approach to financial management.

We know financial advisers care about their clients.

In Greek, Eudaimonia (U•da•mōn•ēya) means contented state of health, happiness and prosperity.



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