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Scott Bremus Joins Eudaimonia

Scott Bremus, CFP®

Managing Director

Phoenix Asset Advisors, LLC


Eudaimonia Group expanded its network of independent advisors in Braselton, Georgia with the recent addition of Scott Bremus. Scott has more than 20 years of investment industry experience and is a Certified Financial Planner™.

“We are proud Scott Bremus has joined Eudaimonia. Scott was associated with a smaller RIA and wanted to have access to better resources, but still be independent. Scott joined Eudaimonia under an existing DBA (doing business as) 'Phoenix Asset Advisors, LLC' that has nearly been with Eudaimonia since our founding," said John Goodson, Chief Executive Officer of Eudaimonia Group.

Scott Bremus has served his community for years as both a financial advisor and as a youth football, soccer, and lacrosse coach. Scott has been an independent financial advisor since 2009. Scott passed his board exam in 2004 to become a Certified Financial Planner™. He believes in reviewing a client's full financial needs from investments, financial planning, insurance, and business succession that are all part of the bigger picture.

“I chose Eudaimonia as a partner because I believe I can now leverage the resources of a larger RIA, but still be flexible enough to provide customized financial planning,” stated Scott Bremus about why he joined the firm. “My multigenerational family clients will get to see the same wealth management from me that they are used to in order to be able to hand down wealth from one generation to the next.”


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