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  • Michael Hakerem

Investors. Know Thyself

Make no mistake, if you choose to invest, you are in the ARENA.

It would be nice to be able to lay down some hard rules that would eliminate all weaknesses for an investor. Every investor has some, and every trader, perhaps his natural enemy, is on the lookout for an edge.

In my 27+ years professional experience, most investors, pro and novice, lack a true discipline and process for the game they are playing! Or, perhaps, they don't know actually realize which arena they are in, or potentially lack the intestinal-fortitude to patiently execute rules without succumbing to the human behavioral sirens calling them into the sharp edges?

Much about investing is self-education—thinking it out, learning the situations, knowing your opponent, and most important, knowing yourself. Lots of ways to net out wins in this investing arena; however, great investors will probably agree that investing mistakes come from a lack of knowledge, uncertainty, fear, and greed—and that boils down to knowing yourself.

You, the investor, are the greatest variable in this game, because to know yourself takes dedication. 🍻 Cheers to YOUR empowerment!


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