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  • Scott Poore, AIF, AWMA, APMA

11 Reasons Why the RIA Model is Superior to Other Models: Reason #4

Last month we highlighted Reason #3 of our 11-part series on why the RIA model is superior to other models for financial advisors. This week's installment is Reason #4 - Ability to Control Your Own Expenses. This article seeks to give Advisors the understanding that ability to control their own expenses will put more money in their pocket. In addition, this article will hopefully give Advisors the confidence to know that they can pay for expenses more efficiently than their current firm. At Eudaimonia, our Advisors own their practices so they control what expenses they want to pay for and what expenses they do not want to incur.

Click below to access the article.

11 Reasons Why - Ability to Control Expe
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