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We’re changing the aim, so your life and the lives of your clients will be better.


Eudaimonia (U•da•mōn•ēya) means a contented state of health, happiness and prosperity… so your life and the lives of your clients will be better.


For Financial Advisers seeking premier resources curated in a culture that values transparency, trust and independence, Eudaimonia Group has decades of proven financial advisory experience to guide our financial adviser partners toward success for themselves and their clients.

A rich life is multi-dimensional. Life goals reach beyond wealth. They include purpose, values, physical and mental health, along with prosperity.

We believe that financial advisers who care about their clients deserve to partner with a resources firm transparently structured so that both can flourish. We established Eudaimonia Group with a singular purpose: to enrich the lives of those we touch by creating true opportunity for financial advisers and their clients. That’s our aim.


Our expertise, technology and strategic resources equip our advisers with LIFEVESTING®, our holistic financial management process, to support their clients’ health, happiness and prosperity.


Are you ready for independence and comprehensive support for your practice?

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