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  • Scott Poore, AIF, AWMA, APMA

11 Reasons Why the RIA Model is Superior to Other Models: Reason #2

Last week we rolled out the 1st installment of our 11-part series on why the RIA model is superior to other models for financial advisors. This week's installment is Reason #2 - No Compensation Changes. The key element of this article is how “captive” firms (i.e., wire-houses that do not offer their advisors flexibility) often move the goal posts of compensation, which prevents advisors from analyzing their business periodically and making sure revenues are relatively consistent. At Eudaimonia, our Advisors own their practices so they control their expenses and are better able to analyze their business and plan for the future.

Click below to access the full report.

11 Reasons Why - No Comp Changes
Download PDF • 928KB


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